Every time the festive season arrives, the rate of road accidents is reported to increases. There are various factors that cause road accidents. As users, we should always adhere to the set regulations and always remain vigilant.

The following are steps to be taken by each and every driver at all times:

  1. Plan your journey ahead. Delay it if you feel exhausted, sleepy or agitated.

  2. Follow the speed limit stipulated.

  3. Give signals and obey all safety rules while changing lanes. Check your side mirrors and rear view mirrors before making lane changes.

  4. Always abide to road regulations at junctions by stopping when the traffic lights are red or yellow.

  5. Avoid trailing another vehicle too closely as this often causes serious accidents.

  6. Follow the safety guidelines when overtaking. Do not overtake if hesitant.

  7. Do not cut the line or misuse the emergency lane. It is not only rude but dangerous to all users.

  8. Avoid pushing in between cars.

  9. Ensure that vehicles are in good condition such as brakes, tyres, lights and others before starting a journey.

  10. Stop for a break at the rest areas provided if you are too exhausted and sleepy.

  11. Install safety seats for babies or children.

  12. Make sure your vehicle is fully serviced beforehand.

  13. If your vehicle is damaged and is placed at the emergency lane or roadside, please turn the hazard lights on.

  14. During heavy downpour drive slowly, use low gears and turn on your vehicle lights (do not use the hazard lights, as this is used only for stationary vehicles)

  15. For Muslims it is best to recite the special prayers (doa) when boarding a vehicle and make ablution (wudhu’) before traveling. This will increase confidence to the driver. Ablution will generate a healthier body and clearer view.

  16. Imagine the destination you are heading to and with God’s will you will arrive there safely.

It is hoped that with these security measures, we will be better prepared before travelling. Do not be impetuous on the road as arriving safely with the family to the intended destination is the utmost important thing.

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